Cirque du Soleil/TFT Fellowship – EXTENDED DEADLINE to Nov 29 - 5:00 PM

Harris, Ben
29.11.2012 00:30 UTC
TFT is proud to partner with Cirque du Soleil on a new, highly unique paid fellowship program. Cirque du Soleil brings together many talented, high-level professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world! The Fellowship program with Cirque du Soleil is a program that will provide TFT THEATER AND FILM/TV/DIGITAL MEDIAstudents interested in all aspects of theatre, Design, Live Performance, Digital Projection and other film-based content, and show support, with theopportunity to learn through hands on work experience within their field ofinterest. Each Fellow will be placed within their field of interest (Technical/Creative or Marketing) at an entry-level role where they will have the ability to interact with all levels of management and technical/creative skill.
Fellowship Description
Marketing – Position #1
The UCLA/TFT Fellow will assist Cirque du Soleil’s marketing department gaining hands-on experience, working on special projects and developing skills in the marketing & public relations area as well as gain knowledge about the operations of the production company. Fellows will gain insight into the key competencies, skills, and work characteristics needed for marketing live entertainment productions.
Technical/Creative – Position #2
The UCLA/TFT Fellow will report to a representative of Company Management, Stage Management, Creative team or Operations Management. Fellow’s goal will be to gain the experience necessary to understand the experience needed to enter the exciting field of technical theatre, creative content for CIRQUE DU SOLEILshows (such as: Costume/Set/Lighting design, digital film content creation for digital projection systems, motion capture, 3D, other sensor devices, applications, etc.) stage management or company management for a production or theatre company. Fellow will gain hands-on experience, develop skills in one of our various departments (technical, creative, stage management, company management or even project engineering) as well as gain knowledge about the operations of the production company. Fellow will learn more about your field of study and your career goals while establishing a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references. Fellow will gain insight into the key competencies, skills, and work characteristics needed for producing live and/or filmed/digital asset creation for entertainment productions.
Fellows will receive a stipend of $3,333 and course credit.
Fellowship Dates/Location
In the 2012/2013 academic year only, the Fellowship will take place in the Winter, Spring and Summer quarters. Thereafter, it will take place in the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.
In Summer 2013 the Fellowship will take place in Los Angeles and possibly Las Vegas (this has yet to be determined). All other quarters, the Fellowship will take place in Los Angeles.

· Abilityto work in the US without immigration sponsorship from Cirque du Soleil;

· The ability to participate the entire length of the program;

· Hold enough credits within your college or university to be a Junior or Senior, or Graduate student in any year of graduate studies;

· The ability to receive college credit for the internship;

· Have a 3.0 G.P.A. (cumulative or within you degree program).
Required of Fellow(once selected as a Fellow)

· Willingto work on weekends, nights and holidays as needed or required;

· Abilityto provide your own transportation;

· Abilityto communicate in English;

· Abilityto use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet;

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Adherence to the rules and responsibilities outlined in the Cirque du Soleil employee handbook (copy available in the FTVDM and Theater Department for review).
Items to be Submitted prior to Fellowship(once selected as a Fellow)

· Participation Waiver;

· Department selection form;

· Copy of UCLA Student Insurance Waiver.
Application Process

1. Complete a Fellowship application

2. Submit a:

a. Two-page statement addressing how your academic and personal goals align with Cirque du Soleil’s stated goals and philosophies, which can be found on their website.

b. Resume

3. FTVDM and Theater Faculty will select four (4) finalists for each position. The finalists will then interview with the Cirque du Soleil Selection Committee, who will make the final selection for each position. One (1) student will be chosen for each position.
Submit/Email Application Materials to:
FTVDM Students: Office the Chair, William McDonald
c/o Sylvia Terry (
203 East Melnitz Hall
Submission Deadlines
Winter 2013 Fellowship – applications due November 29, 2012
Spring 2013 Fellowship – applications due March 1, 2013
Summer 2013 & Fall 2013 Fellowship – applications due May 24, 2013

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